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Planning to visit Zakopane and its surrounding attractions? 


Below you will find useful links to the official websites of the Polish Cable Railways, where you can purchase tickets and plan an unforgettable trip to most famouse places: kasprowy Wierch and Gybalowka. You'll also find information about the operation of the cable cars and weather data.


Of course, at Willa Amicus in Zakopane, we are also available to help you organize your stay and provide access to information on local attractions.


Kasprowy Wierch







Strążyska Valley - A guide to one of the most popular spots in the Polish Tatra Mountains.


The Strążyska Valley is one of the most visited places in the Polish Tatra Mountains, due to its unique history and incredible charm. The origin of its name "strąga" refers to sheepherding traditions, namely it means a place used for milking sheep in Podhale. This charming valley is about 3 kilometers long and hides many amazing secrets of nature.


At its end is the Glade, which offers a picturesque panorama, with the majestic Giewont in the lead role. This view stays in the memory and encourages you to admire the beauty of the Tatra Mountains. However, this is not the end of the attractions of the Strążyska Valley. Going further, we find the impressive Siklawica Waterfall with a height of as much as 23 meters.


The Strążyska Valley is a truly awe-inspiring experience in the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains that every nature and mountain hiking enthusiast should experience. For practical information on purchasing tickets and organizing tours, please visit the official website of the Tatra National Park: https://tpn.pl/nowosci/wakacyjne-wedrowki-z-przyrodnikami-1


The entrance to the Strążyska Valley is located at the end of Strążyska Street in Zakopane. If you are going on foot, it takes only 5 minutes to get there from Willa Amicus.



Poland's most famous ski jump is a true legend in the history of the sport. Its creation in 1925 is associated with the passion and vision of Karol Stryjeński, a prominent architect and lover of the Tatra Mountains, who included the creation of a unique sports district in his 1922 plan for the regulation of Zakopane. It was in the southern part of the city, at the foot of Krokwi, that the famous ski jump was to find its place.


Karol Stryjeński not only envisioned the creation of the hill, but also actively contributed to its construction. Together with mountaineer-priest Jan Humpola, they founded the "Sports Park" company, which received a positive opinion from the State Council for Nature Protection, allowing construction work to begin. Although construction progressed slowly due to a lack of funds, support from the army and a subsidy from the Zakopane Municipal Council made it possible to open the hill on March 22, 1925.


Since then, the hill has been the site of many exciting competitions and triumphs. Over the following decades it underwent several major modernizations, and its infrastructure developed. Today it is not only an arena for ski jumpers' competitions, but also a popular tourist spot, with a modern cable car built in 2008, which allows tourists to get to the Wielka Krokiew in summer. From here there is a remarkable view of Zakopane.


Here the history of sports and the charm of the Tatra Mountains meet in one place.


Current information: https://zakopane.cos.pl/794/wielka-krokiew-zwiedzanie




Chocholow thermae is a place that offers a unique recreational and relaxation experience. The thermal pool complex is one of the largest in Poland and extends over nearly 3,000 square meters, offering as many as 30 pools of various types.

For more details: www.chocholowskietermy.pl


Zakopane Thermal Baths are located in the heart of Zakopane, minutes from Krupowki. They offer thermal pools, saunas, a salt grotto, bowling alleys and attractions for children such as a playroom.

More details: www.termy-zakopianskie.pl


Termy Bania is a paradise for lovers of water entertainment, offering 14 pool basins, slides with a total length of over 300 meters, geysers, Jacuzzi and many other attractions. Regardless of the weather outside, we provide super relaxation and unforgettable water fun at the highest level. Come and enjoy unlimited water pleasures at Terma Bania.

More details: www.termabania.pl


At Termy BUKOVINA, surrounded by the picturesque Tatra National Park, you'll find recreational as well as swimming pools - both indoors and outdoors. Thermal water with a temperature of 30°C to 38°C, swimming pools and Jacuzzi will ensure full relaxation.... In addition, numerous saunas and steam baths provide the perfect place for a moment of relaxation, while hundreds of meters of water slides provide exciting entertainment. Also, don't miss the periodic "NIGHT OF THE BASINS" event with club music and celebrities.

For more details: www.termybukovina.pl



The Cemetery of Merit on Pęksowy Brzyzek is a unique place full of history and culture. Its roots date back to the mid-19th century, becoming the first cemetery in Zakopane. In this picturesque area rest representatives of the oldest highlander families, heroes of Tatra rescue and people who have made significant contributions to Polish history, culture and art.


The entire site brings together almost half a thousand tombstones, which in many cases are true works of art, carved from wood, metal or created from Tatra rocks. It is a place of eternal peace and remembrance for great figures such as Sabała, Witkacy, Stanislaw Marusarz, Helena Marusarzówna, Kornel Makuszyński, Wladyslawa Orkan, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tertmajer, Tytus Chalubinski, Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Karol Stryjeński, Antoni Kenar, Jan Długosz, Antoni Rząsa and many others.


At the very entrance to the cemetery is a historic church dedicated to Our Lady of Czestochowa, which is the oldest wooden church in Zakopane, built in 1847-1852. The interior of this church is decorated with folk paintings and wooden figures from the 19th century, and on the altar is a replica of the image of the Black Madonna.


Since 2014, symbolic fees of 1-2 zlotys have been charged to the cemetery to support the restoration of historic tombstones in order to preserve this remarkable heritage for future generations.



Sleigh ride in Zakopane is an extraordinary opportunity to feel the spirit of highland traditions and enjoy a winter adventure against the backdrop of beautiful snowy peaks.


Imagine you are wrapped in a warm blanket, and in front of you is a picturesque view of the majestic Tatra Mountains. Feel the rhythm of the horses' steps leading you through the winter forest, and see the sparks in their eyes as the sun sets. It's a feeling that will sink into your memory forever.


A sleigh ride is also a torch ride that will light up your evening and add magic to this unique experience. After a warm sleigh ride, you can warm up by the fire and feel like a hero of mountain stories.


For your convenience and to make it easier for you to organize this extraordinary trip, we have prepared a compilation of links to the websites of various sleigh ride organizers. Now just click and find the option that suits you best: