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Amicus Restaurant - a story to tradition, passion and taste.


When we cook, it's not just a job, it's our love and a way to express ourselves - Magda and Elizabeth Jaskier


At our Restaurant Amicus in Zakopane, the kitchen is more than just a place where we prepare meals - it is the heart of our property! 

Hidden here are flavors that are created with the passion and commitment of an inseparable team - the owner Mrs. Elżbieta and her daughter Magda. In the dishes are spelled the traditions that pass from generation to generation - a true treasure of this family.

Our menu refers to the taste and aroma of home Polish cuisine. It is in it that you will find a magical combination of tradition and modernity, which creates an unforgettable culinary experience.

We want each of our guests to feel at home. That's why our staff is warm and friendly, making sure that your stay at Willa Amicus is unique on many levels.

We also offer attractive prices, because we believe that exceptional taste does not have to come at an exceptionally high cost. Join us and discover a taste of Zakopane that will leave a lasting memory in your heart.